AEC Software Lays the Foundation for Green Planning at 2008 International Builders Show

-- AEC Software --

STERLING, VA—Feb 13, 2008—AEC Software, a leading developer of project-focused and business productivity solutions, announced today its participation at the 2008 International Builders' Show in Orlando, FL. At booth W4543, AEC Software will be demonstrating its new green project templates tailored for builders to more efficiently plan, present, manage and complete green projects on time and within budget.

Keeping all the phases of a green project documented and accounted for can be very difficult, especially as more companies getting into this market realize green building projects are quite different than traditional construction projects. There are new materials, unexpected costs and much more time and resources utilized in the planning process. Understanding how project teams can use technology and project management techniques in these types of initiatives will help save organizations� time and money when trying to chart a course for success on green efforts.

"Our houses are constructed to meet the NAHB gold standard of green building � but currently we are working on our first LEED house. This is a very important to our business because earning a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification is the best a green builder can do," said Torrey Marks, President of TMG Homes, Inc. "We use FastTrack Schedule to coordinate the schedules of everyone involved in the LEED building project. There are many moving parts, but by using FastTrack Schedule I can see down the road and let subcontractors know far in advance when I need them. It leaves no room for excuses if they end up being a day or two late. Time is money, and because my jobs stay on schedule with FastTrack my company is more profitable."

"FastTrack Schedule is and has been our scheduling program of choice. Right now we are developing a Master Planned Traditional Neighborhood Design Community � essentially utilizing a combination of building systems to achieve a 'greener' community. FastTrack Schedule's ability to manage the multitude of smaller projects within the master building schedule is essential to our success," said Leonard McMullin, Director of Development & Senior Project Manager.

"Starting from the ground up, we are building the homes to a LEED Gold Standard. We are also designing the commercial and civic buildings, recreational parks and a community center. FastTrack Schedule enables us to identify key systems and milestones, and ensures that the level of training and management necessary for these non-standard systems is provided," said McMullin. "FastTrack lends itself to an integrated cash-flow, an essential management tool which when used in concert with our financial reporting assures the financing team that the project economics and development time table are one and the same. Overall, project management is about clear communication. FastTrack Schedule is clear and simple to understand and as a result communicates the intent of the schedule with greater clarity."

"We are excited to meet with builders, architects and others at the International Builders' Show to talk about the importance of planning for green projects. Despite the drastic downturn in the housing market, economic forecasters predict the green construction market will continue to flourish," said Dennis Bilowus, President and CEO of AEC Software. "FastTrack Schedule provides a great opportunity for companies already in green building to improve their productivity and for those who are seeking a way to get started, an easy-to-use solution to help plan out the project from concept to completion."

FastTrack Schedule 9.2 features graphical timelines that clearly display project status, cash flows, deadlines, and milestone dates for projects. The software also allows for easier planning and control of multiple projects via project consolidation features, productivity enhancements, and builder templates. FastTrack Schedule 9.2 includes Microsoft Vista certification, universal certification for Mac users, and allows for enhanced data exchange with many leading project management programs, including Microsoft Project.

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