Essentials of FastTrack Schedule

Course Length:

1/2 day


A basic knowledge of Windows and/or Macintosh operating systems.

Course Objective:

Upon completion of this course, students will have an understanding of core FastTrack Schedule functionality and will be able to build effective project schedules.

Provided Courseware:

Essentials of FastTrack Schedule Training Manual

Course Overview:

Introduces users to the new FastTrack Schedule 10.2 interface and its fundamental features. The course starts at the "root level" and guides the student through the core functionality of the software. Topics include: Introduction to FastTrack Schedule, Top Down Planning, Working with Dependencies, Customizing Columns, Reporting with Layouts and Filters, Baselines and Progress Tracking, and Enhancing the Presentation Quality of Schedules.

*Please note, the course will be taught in an operating system-neutral Classic Menu interface using Windows computers. Students are allowed to bring personal laptops, but must receive permission from AEC Software first.

Essentials of FastTrack Schedule Course Outline:

Module 1: Introducing FastTrack Schedule

This module introduces you to FastTrack Schedule and explains the fundamental concepts behind the application. You will learn the three views of the application and what you should do to get started.

  1. Application Overview
  2. Three Views
  3. Schedule View
  4. Datelines
  5. Windows and Mac Interfaces
  6. Action Columns

Module 2: Top-Down Planning

This module details how to develop a structured planning stage for your project.

  1. Project Information
  2. Introduction to Work Calendars
  3. Entering Data - Outline
  4. Entering Bars - Durations

Module 3: Linking Dependencies

In this module you will learn about constraint dates, constraint types, and how to create dependencies between tasks through linking.

  1. Creating Dependencies
  2. Constraint Columns
  3. Link Tab within Information Form
  4. Link Types

Module 4: Customizing Columns

In this module you will learn how to detail your schedule by customizing FastTrack Schedule's many available columns.

  1. Text Columns
  2. Number Columns
  3. Column Summaries and Summary Bar Values
  4. Hyperlink Columns
  5. Image Columns
  6. Column Descriptions

Module 5: Reporting (Layouts & Filters)

This module will teach you features that will aid you in reporting data from your schedule. You will learn how to easily access groups of columns with the use of layouts. You will also learn how to search for and show specific rows of data in your schedule based on criteria you set.

  1. Understanding Layouts
  2. Creating Customized Layouts
  3. Understanding Filters
  4. Creating Column/Value Criteria Filters
  5. Creating Date/Time Criteria Filters
  6. Multi-criteria Filters
  7. Resource View Filters

Module 6: FastSteps

FastSteps are macros with saved repetitive steps. In this module, you will learn how to create FastSteps and save time when building client reports, setting up status meeting printouts, and auto-exporting updated graphics.

  1. Review of Ranges, Layouts & Filters
  2. FastSteps Overview
  3. Creating FastSteps
  4. Working with FastSteps

Module 7: Styles (Outlines, Rows, Bars)

This module will show you how to define and apply formatting styles, which will help enhance the presentation quality of your schedules.

  1. Outline Level Styles
  2. Modifying Bar Styles
  3. New Bar Styles
  4. Dynamic Labels
  5. Timeline Graph

Module 8: Printing & Visual Enhancing

In this module you will learn how to visually enhance your schedule, print out your schedule, and export your schedules in other formats.

  1. Timeline Range Toolbar
  2. Print Preview
  3. Page Options
  4. Print Setup
  5. Headers and Footers
  6. Inserting Legends, Text Boxes, and Pictures
  7. Exporting as Picture, iCal and .ics, 3rd party applications
  8. Formatting Calendar View

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