Uses in Education

Professionals in education use FastTrack Schedule to manage projects and to stay on schedule. Some of our customers are currently using FastTrack Schedule to:

  • Plan all the details of an event—from conferences to commencement
  • Track the progress of research projects and studies
  • Schedule long-term strategic planning and related expenses
  • Organize curriculum and e-learning development projects
  • Keep administrators up-to-date and on the same page
  • Track room scheduling and equipment allocation
  • Plan IT projects such as server upgrades, hardware/software installations, and website development
  • Plan and coordinate grants and contract activities
  • Schedule communications projects (alumni magazine, annual reports, etc.)
  • Prepare and implement training programs
  • Schedule school construction, maintenance, or relocations projects
  • Teach students project management skills in subjects ranging from engineering to web design
  • Coordinate departments involved in marketing and publication projects