Free Project Management Templates

Welcome to our new FastTrack Schedule project template gallery. Use this collection as a source for new and diverse industry-specific templates that will help you and your team kick start your projects. Find what works for you and download as many as you like — all of the files are free!

To open/view/edit these project templates, you'll need either the Trial Version or the Full Version of FastTrack Schedule 10.2.

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General Project Templates

Meeting-Event Planning

This schedule defines the many tasks associated with planning a business event or meeting. Pre-event and post-event tasks are organized chronologically.

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This schedule provides a checklist of essential activities to follow and estimated durations in this nine month schedule. The main phases are divided by trimesters and the budgeted and actual costs of the pregnancy can be tracked.

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Wedding Planning

This useful schedule provides a road map for the many steps involved in planning a wedding. Activities are segmented in relevant time periods with columns for tracking responsibilities as well as budgeted and actual costs.

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