Free Project Management Templates

Welcome to our new FastTrack Schedule project template gallery. Use this collection as a source for new and diverse industry-specific templates that will help you and your team kick start your projects. Find what works for you and download as many as you like — all of the files are free!

To open/view/edit these project templates, you'll need either the Trial Version or the Full Version of FastTrack Schedule 10.2.

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Marketing/Advertising Project Templates


This schedule tracks client work for an ad agency. Target audience, responsibilities, concepts, and other core components are laid out in this schedule. This schedule also utilizes text boxes to point-out key task items and bar legends to keep everyone on board.

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Go To Market Plan

This schedule provides key schedule components in organizing a successful product launch from start to finish. The schedule shows estimated costs across the timeline of the project in histogram graphs. The resources entered in the Resource View take full advantage of the many features available in this schedule.

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Media Placement

This schedule tracks ad placements across radio outlets and print publications. Summary graphs track monthly ad spends per media outlet and bar styles are customized to display total spots per drive time, flight, and station.

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