Using Excel to Manage Projects? There's a Better Way.

This webcast took place on July 14, 2011.

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Saying 'good-bye' to spreadsheets is something every organization needs to consider, especially if they have become the de facto tool for project management. Replacing Excel with a project management app that's easy to use and capable of handling non-traditional PM functions is key. FastTrack Schedule is both.

In our webcast, you'll learn how to easily migrate your project details from Excel to FastTrack Schedule and discover how FastTrack Schedule's outlining, linking, and reporting features make managing projects quick and painless. We'll also show you how to pinpoint key project metrics and create eye-catching status reports that keep teams and clients informed and up-to-date.

Learn how you can:

  • Migrate your existing spreadsheets to jumpstart your projects in FastTrack Schedule
  • Use summary levels to create a more dynamic project schedule
  • Leverage existing data in customizable columns to create key project metrics
  • Go from "Battleship" to drag and drop style calculations with FastTrack Schedule
  • Use Filters to build dynamic status reports into your project schedules

Duration: 30 min.

Watch the recorded Webcast >


Benjamin Barbour
Account Executive
AEC Software


Benjamin Barbour is an Account Executive at AEC Software. He has collaborated with hundreds of clients leveraging his knowledge of industry specific methodology. He is highly experienced at customizing FastTrack Schedule to address the unique project management challenges for his clients.