Comparison vs. Single-User Version

What is the difference between the Single-User and Concurrent-Users Versions of FastTrack Schedule?

The Single-User Version is licensed to be installed on one desktop or laptop computer, enabling one individual to use FastTrack Schedule from that desktop or laptop computer.

The Concurrent-Users Version is licensed to be installed on a network server, enabling users to access and use the FastTrack Schedule application remotely from the network server. Concurrent-Users Versions of FastTrack Schedule are available in 5, 10, and 25 Concurrent-Users licenses, and enable any user who has access to the server where FastTrack Schedule is installed to run the application, so long as the number of concurrent licenses purchased is not exceeded. AEC Software can also create custom configurations of the Concurrent-Users Version for quantities greater than five users.

FastTrack Schedule 10.2 Concurrent-Users Versions include all the features of the FastTrack Schedule Single-User Version and offer these key benefits:

  • Reduced per user cost for medium to large project teams
  • Lower IT costs with a single installation and single point for updates
  • Scalability with built-in Key Code System for adding additional licenses
  • Global default templates for project teams
  • Locally stored user preferences
  • Concurrent-usage monitoring
  • Make FastTrack Schedule available to a larger volume of occasional users without the expense and administration of single-user licenses
  • Increased accuracy of license records for planning, purchasing, evaluation, and potential software audits

NOTE: The FastTrack Schedule Concurrent-Users Version is not a multi-user application and licenses are platform specific.

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