FastTrack Schedule 10.2 Receives Gold Award from TopTenREVIEWS, Rated the #1 Project Management Software

"FastTrack Schedule is easy-to-use project management software than shines in the area of planning and tracking a project and reporting project goals. This program is perfect for program managers that are starting their very first project or those in the profession who have many years of experience under their belts."

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FastTrack Schedule - Scheduling Software. Features, reviews, ratings.FastTrack Schedule - Scheduling Software. Features, reviews, ratings. FindTheBest, January 2012

FastTrack Schedule is honored with a Best Scheduling Software Award from FindTheBest. FastTrack Schedule 10.2 received FindTheBest's highest Smart Rating, 100, in the Best of Scheduling Software 2011 category.

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CAD User, October 2011

"FastTrack Schedule gives small and midsize construction companies, or those diving into project management software for the first time, the ideal tools for planning and tracking a building project, with a wealth of resource and project management features and a simple and direct way of setting up and displaying schedules and associated charts and reports."

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Dreamcss, September 2011

"Your Gantt charts are taken to an entirely new level."

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i.Business, June 2011

"With FastTrack 10, everyone on a team can be on the same page, and can share or collaborate easily with Windows- or Mac-based team members. A product that makes this so easy is an extremely valuable asset for managers and project leaders, and FastTrack 10 does a fantastic job at both presenting and outlining your company's tasks and data."

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Smart Computing, April 2011

"Affordable, easy to use, and flexible, while offering all the features any small office user needs without being overkill"
"It's specially designed for multitaskers who need to both run a business and also develop strategies and business plans."

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MacTribe, February 2011

"Project managers, rejoice…new features abound, making this the ultimate in calendaring, assigning and maintaining your projects"
"Fast Track Schedule 10 is as accessible to beginning managers as it is to seasoned professionals"

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Applicando, February 2011

"Simply put, FastTrack Schedule 10.2 is an outstanding product."

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Bright Hub, December 2010

"FastTrack Schedule 10.2 is an outstanding option if you're looking for a simple project management software solution."
"Very visual, lots of templates available to get you started on your project quickly"

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MacDirectory, September 2010

"An amazingly unique program, which balances the needs of a basic organizer while adding the capability (but not the difficulty) of advanced project management software" (5 Stars)

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Bright Hub, July 2010

FastTrack Schedule Named a Top 5 Project Planning Software
"The project management and resource management features are superb... great whether you're just starting out as a project manager or whether you have years of experience."

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Gantthead, July 2010

AEC Software President & CEO, Dennis Bilowus, connects with Dave Garrett of to discuss the surge in popularity of Mac project management software, the benefits of desktop PM tools over SaaS offerings, and the new collaboration features in FastTrack Schedule 10.2.

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Macworld UK, July 2010

"A newly designed interface, powerful enterprise-level features, and handy extras make it an outstanding project management aid."

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PC Today, July 2010

"Designed to make project execution easier for managers, AEC Software’s FastTrack Schedule 10.2 features customized calendars, effort-driven scheduling, assignment contouring, and resource usage graphing."

Bright Hub, June 2010

"a great program for managing projects"
“FastTrack Schedule 10.2 features useful templates that help you get started planning your project in a flash, and it works on both PCs and Macs."

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Macworld, June 2010

"Expert-level control over projects"
"It runs fast and nimble, has plenty of powerful features, and has an amazing cadre of templates."
"FastTrack offers such a wealth of options that it is almost impossible to lose track of what is happening."

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ZDNet - Software & Services Safari, May 2010

Read Brian Sommer's blog about FastTrack Schedule 10.2 and why he says it's, "a straightforward, easy to use project planning tool that adds many helpful resource management capabilities... If you're looking for something that's straightforward to use, inexpensive and clearly project focused, this solution warrants a look."

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Architosh, May 2010

"FastTrack Schedule is the king of cross-platform scheduling apps for Mac and Windows."
"…no other scheduling software this powerful can produce Gantt charts that look so good."
"The graphics support in FastTrack Schedule have always been ahead of the competition, enabling its users to produce stunning presentations and win contracts and jobs... offering organizations across a truly vast array of industries and sectors to do sophisticated or simple project scheduling easily and quickly on whatever platform they prefer."

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OnWindows, May 2010

"The role of a project manager is continuing to evolve, and now more than ever managers need to make sure all resources are in check, and projects come in on time and on budget," - Dennis Bilowus, President and CEO for AEC Software.

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Constructech, May 2010

Collaborative Scheduling - "In the latest version of FastTrack Schedule, AEC Software has added Effort-Driven Scheduling to automatically adjust task durations and Assignment Contouring to quickly redistribute resources on a task."

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Macworld, April 2010

FastTrack Schedule 10.2 adds Mac look, more project management tools - "…a more intuitive interface that gives users easy access to tools for planning and tracking project."
"FastTrack unifies work calendars across all projects so that everyone's working off the same calendar, even if they're based in far-flung locales."

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MacDirectory, November 2009

MacDirectory profiles AEC Software and the many ways that FastTrack Schedule is used to successfully manage projects of all shapes and sizes in industries as diverse as architecture, advertising, manufacturing, and television and film production.

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PM Network, June 2009

PM Network's "In The Field" features how FastTrack Schedule is used to manage green projects and report project status to clients by one leading LEED-certified builder.

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Bright Hub, May 2009

"I really enjoyed using this program... The biggest assets of this program are the templates and examples that you can use to get started as well as the wonderful tutorial module that comes with the program. FastTrack Schedule comes highly recommended for those with regular project scheduling needs as well as academics and others who have a need for keeping track of project and task schedules."

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Bright Hub, May 2009

FastTrack Schedule 9 is named a Top 5 Project Scheduling Software by Bright Hub.

"As facets of a project change, FastTrack is easy to update. A license for FastTrack is significantly lower compared to one for Microsoft Project. For newer project managers, FastTrack offers an easy introduction to the software and a gentle learning curve. It's also robust enough for any experienced project manager that wants to put it through its paces."

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Washington Business Journal, November 2008

"Green building needs more communication" - The Sterling-based developer of project management software surveyed about 200 managers in home building, architecture, construction and engineering industries across the U.S. When asked if specialized software tools or templates would be beneficial for planning, tracking managing and completing green projects, more than two-thirds said yes.

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BNET, November 2008

Green Building Success Requires Client and Project Management - Industry survey reveals need for communication tools to set accurate expectations and demonstrate value for green building services.

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Projects@Work, November 2008

"When green initiatives require organizations to go beyond traditional project management methods, specialized software templates can provide a framework for defining environmental goals, reporting to different stakeholders and measuring value."

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Green Building Success Rooted in Project Management: AEC Software industry survey reveals specialized software solutions are key to overcoming challenges associated with green building projects.

Green Builder, August 2008

User-friendly software brings high-tech to the brick-and-mortar business world. Read how one high-end green residential/commercial LEED builder in Northern California uses FastTrack Schedule to manage green projects and improve client communication with presentation-quality schedules.

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Design News, July 2008

For Honda R&D project managers needing an easy-to-use tool, FastTrack Schedule is their model for success.

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Redmond Magazine, March 2008

"FastTrack Schedule is a simple and powerful tool for managing individual projects or aggregating information from multiple projects. It operates across platforms (Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac), and excels at presenting project progress and status details. It's also an easy step up for managers with limited experience using project-management software... its combination of price and utility make it an excellent choice for organizations with less-experienced project managers." (Overall Rating: 8.6)

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Mac|Life, March 2008

"FastTrack Schedule has all of the professional features like GANTT charting (a bar chart for project scheduling), multi-views, and dependencies one would expect in project management software. Since the app (4 out of 5 stars, Feb/07) comes in both Mac and Windows versions, you can exchange schedules with others without having to import and export."

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Constructech, February 2008

FastTrack Schedule 9.2 is named a "Top Product" for 2008 by Constructech Magazine.

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Constructech, January 2008

Mac Applications for AEC: Residential builders looking for technology applications to run on Leopard from Apple need to look no further.

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Windows IT Pro, January 2008

"What do you do with users who need to manage projects but don’t require all the bells-and-whistles functionality of complicated project management software?" Read what Caroline Marwitz of Windows IT Pro says about FastTrack Schedule 9 being the answer.

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CIO, January 2008

Macworld Products That IT Executives Had Better Know About: Esther Schindler of CIO says that "creative" Mac project management programs reflect positive signs of Mac business adoption.

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Ultimate Home Design, January 2008

"FastTrack Schedule 9.2 is a fantastic tool to enable our team to better plan, present, manage, and complete the first Optimum Performance Home project on time and within budget… FastTrack Schedule 9.2 is helping us to more efficiently meet the specific Platinum-certification LEED for Homes requirements."

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ZDNet – GreenTech Pastures, November 2007

Read Heather Clancy’s blog about resources for green home builders and how FastTrack Schedule can help manage the varied stages of a green building project.

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Projects@Work, October 2007

FastTrack Schedule 9.2 is named a “Cool Tool” by Projects@Work in their roundup of the latest technology solutions for project managers, high-performance teams and executive leadership.

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Professional Builder, September 2007

FastTrack Schedule 9.2 is named one of the "100 Best New Products" for 2007 by Professional Builder Magazine.

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Electrical Contracting Products, September 2007

FastTrack Schedule 9.2 is named a Finalist in the Electrical Contracting Products' 2007 INNOVATION Awards, nominated as one of the best tools for the electrical contracting industry.

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Professional Remodeler, August 2007

Read how Sawbucks Contracting uses FastTrack Schedule to improve customer satisfaction and keep clients up-to-date on project progress.

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Assistive Technology, July 2007

"…an ideal tool for someone who is just getting their feet wet in project management"

"…shines in its ease of use, its presentation capabilities, and its price point"

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Architosh, July 2007

"No other scheduling application combines Apple-like ease-of-use with such powerful and capable features, all in an ever-increasing beautiful interface."

"…there is no better project scheduling application available for professionals working across platform." (Rating: 4.5 of 5)

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My Mac, June 2007

"The interface is like the Mac – in that it is done right!"

"An oft-forgotten part of the Project Management process is keeping other people informed of progress. Here the program really shines. You can use that customization to create just the look you want, and then export the data in a variety of formats…"

"In short, this just shows what Macintosh developers can do when they really innovate – this is twice the product that Microsoft Project is."

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Building Products, June 2007

MVP Award Winner
"...not only helps keep projects on schedule and on budget but is competitively priced, produces presentation-quality plans, and can exchange data with spreadsheets, databases, and other project management packages. Best of all, several projects can be consolidated into one master file."

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Professional Remodeler, June 2007

Read why Susan Conbere of PATH Partners says FastTrack Schedule can speed up the remodeling process and help win new business.

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Small Business Technology, May 2007

"If you've never used project management software, you'll find that FastTrack will quite effectively help keep you and your projects on schedule."

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Small Business Trends, May 2007

"One of things I noticed is that FastTrack 9 does what business software increasingly does today: it fills in the gaps of knowledge and training. In smaller organizations, where out of necessity you have to be jacks-of-all-trade, it guides you and your employees to develop some competence in project management without needing to be project management specialists."

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Macworld, April 2007

FastTrack Schedule 9 is named a Finalist in the 2007 Macworld Awards, nominated as one of the best productivity software solutions by Macworld (UK) editors.

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"For some reason, people have been asking me about alternatives to Microsoft's Project Manager software recently. Now the company behind FastTrack Schedule 9.1, AEC Software, has juiced their own product with an interesting mashup: brainstorming software MindManager."

"This could be the tastiest mashup since that chocolate bar and peanut butter collision witnessed by the Reeses candy company all those years ago."

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EC&M, March 2007

"…designed to work with experienced project managers as well as small- to medium-sized businesses."

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Macworld, March 2007

Read why Ryan Faas says that FastTrack Schedule is a "top-notch" project management solution for small businesses and why Mac OS X is an ideal platform for SMBs.

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PC Magazine, February 2007

FastTrack Schedule 9.1 - Control Complex Projects

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Mac|Life, February 2007

"Excellent Mac integration. FastTrack Schedule is a full-featured cross-platform project management and scheduling application - no other project management product we know of approaches its feature set."

"It takes your Gantt charts to the next level, making the charts useful productivity tools rather than just simple bars."

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Electrical Contracting Products, February 2007

"FastTrack Schedule is easy to use and implement, resulting in high adoption rates and more successful PM initiatives…"

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Small Business Technology Magazine, January 2007

Top 10 Product of the Year
"A Windows and Macintosh cross-platform project planning, tracking and management application that is full-featured but easy to use. Built to standard project management practices, this well designed application deftly handles data for activities, scheduling, resources and related costs with a broad range of implementation options from the project summary view to the fine detail of intraday processes and progress. An excellent tool for small businesses that need to plan and execute projects for themselves or their customers."

Computerworld, January 2007

"FastTrack has all the professional-level tools I need and, unlike Microsoft Project, is very intuitive to use."

"As a certified project management professional (PMP) and Macintosh user, I've been searching for project management software that has all the features I need, imports and exports Microsoft Project .mpp files, has a version for both Windows and Mac OS X and is a universal binary for Mac Intel computers. Amazingly, I found that combination in FastTrack 9."

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Expert Business Source, January 2007

Learn how FastTrack Schedule user Dixon Collins of Collins Development Co., has employed strategic goal setting and tactical project management with FastTrack Schedule to accelerate the growth of his Northern California custom homebuilding business.

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The one-two project punch - "With just a few clicks, FastTrack Schedule users can import data from MindManager files, turning brainstorming maps into editable project-management schedules."

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Remodeling Magazine, January 2007

"Launch FastTrack Schedule with one click, and create a schedule to guide your team from idea generation through resource planning, management, and project fulfillment."

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Government Computer News, December 2006

FastTrack Schedule 9 Receives Government Computer News 2006 Reviewer's Choice Award

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TechNewsWorld, November 2006

"Perhaps the best solution for growing the Mac software user base will be found in applications that provide seamless data exchange between platforms."

"This Mac-based project-management tool bridges the gap between different departments within an organization, allowing the Mac to be more prominent among Windows-based systems."

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Book Business Magazine, November 2006

"Colorful timelines and calendars are designed to illustrate project deadlines, status and goals. Production details are centralized, aiming to control your work and keep projects on schedule."

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LowesForPros, October 2006

"AEC Software’s FastTrack Schedule 9 provides a project-focused, business-productivity solution to help owners manage projects more effectively with respect to time, resources and budget."

Read more >, October 2006

"AEC Software adds integration with brainstorming tools to its cross-platform project management software FastTrack Schedule."

"The main draw of this software is its cross-platform capability."

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Constructech, October 2006

Smart Project Management - "What do you get when you take a collection of related ideas and concepts and combine them with leading-edge construction management software? For two software providers, the hope is better project management processes."

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MacsimumNews, October 2006

FastTrack Schedule ready for Mactels, MindManager

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Project Managamenet Source, September 2006

"If you've been using just MS Excel for the task of project management and are looking for a change, here could be your solution."

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Builder, September 2006

"As simple to work in as Microsoft Word or Excel, the latest version lets builders easily set up production schedules using 30 examples schedules or preset templates."

"Builders can use FastTrack Schedule 9’s ability to display charts and photos to more effectively manage production and to create sharper marketing presentations."

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Professional Builder, September 2006

"The redesigned interface can be directly integrated with Microsoft Project on both PCs and Macs. Cash flow and cost outlays can be predicted, and the software can track up to 25 home projects at one time, including the status of subcontractors."

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Macworld, August 2006

"FastTrack Schedule is for people who are serious about planning and executing their projects. It provides newcomers with excellent starting points, with templates and examples to follow."

"…FastTrack works very well for one-time projects, but it’s indispensable for projects such as publishing a magazine issue, developing new versions of software, or writing lesson plans—projects with schedules that change minimally from cycle to cycle."

Publishing Executive, August 2006

The [project management] program I like is FastTrack. It’s very easy to use. I’ve used it for the past eight years. It’s saved my life in terms of knowing where I am and what projects are under way.
Phil Van Kirk, Sr. Production Manager of Magazines, The Taunton Press

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WindowsITPro, August 2006

"…provides enhanced data exchange with Microsoft Project through XML and new support for opening Microsoft Project template (.mpt) files."

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GCN (Government Computer News), March 2006

"FastTrack Schedule 9 is easy to learn... we were consistently pleased with how the program could think ahead and alert us to planning conflicts as they arose."

"The dynamic nature of the program is the most impressive thing about it."

GCN Lab Reviewer's Choice
Performance: A-
Features: A-
Value: A

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InformationWeek, March 2006

"FastTrack Schedule 9 lives up to its name… a get-to-the-point, just-the-facts, ma'am, scheduler, report writer, and resource-tracking tool."

"The project layout tools are intuitive, as are the resource allocation tools and reporting features. This made entering information easy and straightforward. Reporting has been a major focus of FastTrack since its inception, and it shows. Twenty minutes later, we had a moderately sized project entered, with resources assigned and a Gant chart printed, ready to brief. After the briefing with the boss, a follow-on presentation was needed to brief the management team; FastTrack 9's ability to integrate with Microsoft PowerPoint made preparing this briefing easy. We were converts."

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eWEEK, January 2006

FastTrack tames PM complexities

Inc., January 2006

"Effective project management and scheduling are a challenge for most rapidly expanding enterprises. FastTrack Schedule 9 for both Windows and Mac makes project management simpler. This $349 application enables users to quickly plan projects and report on progress. Schedule 9 includes project consolidation, integration with Microsoft Project, and direct exporting to iCal."

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macCompanion, January 2006

"What sets it apart is the ability to consolidate various projects into a single master project file and do linking following recognized Project Management (PMI) standards."

5 Stars

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Federal Computer Week, November 2005

AEC debuts management software tool

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MacsimumNews, November 2005

New FastTrack Schedule offers MS Project, Tiger integration

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Small Business Computing, November 2005

"Many small businesses manage a variety of projects that can last a single day, span multiple years or fall somewhere in between. They include client presentations, weddings and conferences, complex construction development or national product promotions. Project management software can help managers get all the people involved organized, focused and on track for the duration of the project."

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AEC introduces FastTrack Schedule 9

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